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Celebrate What Unites Us

In a world that is so often divisive, there is a choice for each of us: A choice to focus instead on what we share in common. Our basic human needs are all the same. We all need food shelter and clothing. We all laugh, cry and feel pain. We breathe the same air, and gaze up at the same stars. We cherish our families, dream for our children, and each one of us longs to live a life of significance in our little corner of the world. 

At this time of year, as we celebrate in so many different ways, may we each celebrate what it is that unites all of us, which is the light that we presence in our various cultures, traditions, beliefs and practices. That light can spread Joy, Peace, Hope and Love throughout the world.

In whatever way you choose to celebrate during this Season, we send our blessing of happiness and joy to you and to all those you love. 

Happy Holidays!

Through teaching, coaching, and my own life experiences, I have learned that each of us has the capacity – using proven tools – to become the person of our dreams.  This transformation means living life to its fullest, and it begins by increasing our understanding and use of what I call our Higher Order Thinking Skills or HOTS.

Click here to learn more about HOTS, and download a complimentary copy of Chapter One of my book, Becoming Your Dream.

To your becoming your dream,

Joan McManus

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